How do you blog about something when we have people killing children?

I don’t even remember what I was going to blog about after hearing the news this morning that some 20 year old man went into an elementary school and started shooting killing children and teachers.  The difficulty here is that we feel so terrible about something like this that we feel compelled to “do something”  so that it can’t happen again, and we want to blame someone or something because we’re angry.  It’s really hard when the gunman turns the gun on himself because we have to look elsewhere for blame.

Trust me, I wish there was something that could’ve been done but the school had security measures in place and the gunman got in anyway.  And how do we stop someone from committing such a heinous crime when they have no record.  We don’s have laws yet that charge you with a crime BEFORE you commit it.  I think that was a movie though.  When something like this happens we seem to go straight to gun control.  But do you think that someone that would kill another human being especially children, would obey a gun control law???  We have laws against drugs and yet you can still acquire them.  This is a tragedy but I don’t think Gun control is the answer.

Sometimes bad things just happen and there’s nothing we can do about it.  It should make us more thankful for the family and friends we have.  Never take life for granted, it’s just too precious.  cherish the moments you have for they may not be here tomorrow.

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