“Glee, A show that is promoting Bulimia among our school age children”

I wrote a couple weeks ago that Glee is probably the most hypocritical shows on TV right now popularizing Bullying while trying to act as if they were against it.  The popular kids i.e. the football players and the cheerleaders (that are never out of uniform) are constantly bullying through verbal abuse and throwing slushies (large iced syrupy drinks) in the faces of the unpopular.

Well they’ve stepped it up a notch and are now promoting Bulimia!  The newest character, cheerio Kitty, is acting as if she were her friend,  teaching a “less than popular” character Marley, how to use two fingers to make herself throw-up and also to use laxatives in order to keep her weight down.  Marley’s mother is a very overweight cook in the school kitchen and Kitty constantly reminds her that she will look like her mother if she doesn’t lose weight and these techniques are the only way to do it.  Kitty is also secretly “taking in” or tightening her costume to make it look like Marley needs to lose weight.

Now the producers are making this out to be fun and entertaining,  but isn’t that what our children want these days to be wanted, to be accepted, and to be entertaining?   I really don’t know what the producers are thinking.  Well I do, it’s about ratings!  But if this behavior is popularized on TV, don’t you think that students in REAL schools may attempt to emulate this?  I would love to hear your input.  This is my reality show!  It’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

One comment on ““Glee, A show that is promoting Bulimia among our school age children”

  1. Hellooo says:

    Glee is not promoting Bulimia!glee makes me understand that bulimia is not a good way to lose weight,it makes me understand that bulimia its wrong,not heatly.In fact Marley ‘s mum lost weight thanks to an heatly diet while Marley Was destroying her life ! Glee helped me,It’s a very good show. Sorry for my mistakes,I’m not american

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