“The show must go on! Or should it? The NY Marathon will be run on Sunday”

The New York City Marathon is one of the world’s most popular sporting events with runners from all over the world participating, and this year’s event is slated for this Sunday in New York.  This being just days after the worst natural disaster ever to hit the area.  Half the city still doesn’t have power, and the subways and tunnels leading in and out of the city are flooded. But the Mayor is saying “The show must go on!”  Inspiring or inappropriate?

He also stated “There’s an awful lot of small businesses that depend on these people. We have to have an economy.”  Ahem, Mr. Mayor, most of these small businesses are still cleaning up from the damage left behind by Sandy.  I’m sorry but holding the event pulls resources and focus away from people in need.  Police, fire and other essential public services should be focused on helping those most in need.  There are two large generators the size of semi trucks in central park waiting for the Marathon to begin, and one is a back up!

Most of Staten Island, Hoboken, as well as many areas in NY are still under water.  Think about it; no power means no heat, no refrigeration, no ATM machines, no internet, no cell phone.  And I haven’t even touched on the damaged property.  The flooding water is toxic, contaminated with raw sewage, diesel fuel and whatever else was in the ground.  Those that have generators can’t get gas to fuel them.  Police are having to patrol gas stations to keep the peace as lines stretch for miles.  Its a fine line between order and chaos in many areas.  And the Mayor wants to stage a Marathon on Sunday?  Really?

I say just postpone it. That way, the city will still get the money, you’ll still have a high-profile event, but it would show that you’re being sensitive. But trying to rush the event, they’re not going to show the world they’re resilient, they’re going to show that they’re selfish.”  Personally I think this is a personal image issue.  The Mayor thinks he will look back and say “Look what happened, and we put on the race, and we gave them a good show.'”  This is my reality show!  It’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

Bill Bartok

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