Propositions are not what they seem

So we have about three weeks until the elections, and we’re being bombarded by ads trying to push us in one direction or another.  The thing that bugs me the most is that you really have to dig deep onto the wording on the proposition (new law or ordinance) to see what it accomplishes or denies.  Politicians realize that if they want money for a particular program say building a new prison, they can’t put that in a proposition because it would never get passed, so they take the money from another program say a previous school bond and then say we need money for schools.  If they say its for our children its more likely to be voted in.  The Ca Lottery was voted in many years ago “for the schools” but I wonder how much money from the Lottery actually goes to the schools today.

You have to read the fine print and find out who is responsible for paying for the add.  There is a proposition on the ballot 37 that would require manufacturers to label foods that have been genetically altered and prohibits marketing foods as “natural” when they are processed, and guess who pays for the ads?  Its Monsanto and Dupont, the two largest chemical companies.  While this might add a few cents to items we purchase at least we would know what we are purchasing.  What do you think?

I believe that our bodies are wired to digest or process foods that are made or grown naturally.  Our bodies see a foreign substance and it has to figure out how to process it.  One in particular Cricso or partially hydrogenated oil was supposed to be the savoir, we now know its more harmful than Lard (which by the was has less saturated fat than butter and a higher smoke point).  Did you know that Canola oil (stands for Canadian Oil) is made from a genetically altered Rapeseed plant that is poisonous if not altered?  No wonder they had to call it Canola.  I say try Rice Bran oil, at least you know where it comes from.  My grandmother lived to be 97 and fried bacon in the morning and cooked food from the garden for dinner in the bacon fat from the morning.

Ok sorry, I digressed,  bottom line; read both sides on each proposition and vote carefully!  It’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!


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