Hello World! First Blog 7-11-12

So I’ve finally decided to write a blog.  Why not, everybody’s doing it in one form or another, right?  Facebook is for silly stuff your friends are doing, Linkedin is more on the serious side, and twitter, well lets just say some folks just have too much time on their hands.

We all have things we are interested in, they’re called passions.  I happen to have three; Food, I’ve been cooking since I was 12, Wine, I’ve been drinking since…,  and Finance, I’ve been an Advisor for 20 years.  So I’ve decided to share these passions with you my readers.

I will be picking a different topic; New recipes I’ve created or found, Wines that I’ve tasted and pairings I’ve put with them, and financial topics that I believe you can benefit from.  Each Friday I post a “Weekly Rap” piece that summarizes the weeks economic events with an occasional rant on a random subject.  Please feel free to leave a reply.

So stay tuned.  The best is yet to come.  You can almost taste it!


One comment on “Hello World! First Blog 7-11-12

  1. Sheryl Hanson says:

    Bill, thanks for this recipe. IT LOOKS WONDERFUL!!! Can’t wait to try it!!

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