Most of us have a thing or two that we’re passionate about, and if you’re lucky enough to make a living at it then you are truly blessed.  I happen to have been able to have worked at a few of mine; Food, Wine, and finance.  So I decided to share my passions on this website for you to enjoy, because life is about sharing.  Isn’t that what we learned in kindergarten?

I currently work as a Mortgage Advisor for Stanford Mortgage in El Dorado Hills Ca.  I help clients by utilizing a customized actively managed liability strategy that takes into account many aspects of their lives so that they may achieve their goals and dreams with the least amount of risk.  Prior to joining Stanford Mortgage, I served as a First Vice President/Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch for 14 years where I specialized in Retirement and Estate Planning, including constructing and managing portfolios for clients.  I have achieved the designations of Certified Financial Manager from Merrill Lynch, CHARTERED RETIREMENT PLANNING COUNSELOR from the College of Financial Planning and am a licensed Real Estate Broker in California.

Having been a Financial Advisor/Planner for Merrill Lynch, my passion is to help individuals and families integrate their long and short term financial goals with their mortgage needs. My team strives to deliver excellent service and pricing for everyone looking for home financing whether for their owner occupied, vacation or investment properties. Our business is built on the referrals of past clients and friends so we strive to exceed expectations during each transaction.

I recently, following another lifelong passion, became a Chef graduating from Napoli Culinary Academy with a degree in Culinary Arts. I owned and was Executive Chef of Napoli Café & Wine Bar in Cameron Park Ca.  While we no longer own the restaurant, I still love to cook and creat new dishes which I will post from time to time on this site.

I currently serve as Program “Champion” of the Guardian Scholars program at CSUS where I earned my BS degree in Real Estate and Finance.  Having grown up from age 6 in the foster care system, I serve as a mentor to the students.   The program promotes college education to emancipated Foster Youth enabling them to get a college degree.

I have been married to my lovely wife for 22 years and we have two wonderful daughters, one will graduate from Western Washington University after just 3 years and the other is a Junior in High School and will be studying acting at Yale this summer.

5 comments on “About

  1. DeeDee Riley says:

    Hi Bill,
    This is great. Glad to see you are blogging. It’s hard to be consistent but the key!

  2. deedriley says:

    Hi Bill,

    Glad to see you are blogging. It’s hard to be consistent but is key!!! See you soon!

  3. site says:

    i jսst paid off a loan оn my retirement account. How lеngthy do I have to wait
    tto bοrroԝ on it yet again? Posted byƴ : Mike

    • bartoksblog says:

      It depends on the administrator of your 401K but usually you can re-borrow right away. Most have a limit of $50,000 per year. When you do borrow from your 401K remember that the amount borrowed becomes part of your fixed-income or bond allocation in your account. I hope this helps. Bill

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